hey!” he said within and smiled to himself on a windy plain of a grass only lit by the full moon. as the red light of the machine slowly rose in the distance in the sky, becoming invisible. this, the final contact, the last lesson, gave him the total balancing ability; control for risk number one…

he and her had been together long enough to listen to each other’s hearts and well-practiced in meditation and private language. when their stay in these neighbouring countries divided by a sea exceeded their promises, they decided to try astral sex. so the long night had been set, the weeks fasting done, candles lit, incense burned, they start to think of each other, having met time and time again, their set practices slides them almost simultaneously into each other’s sentiment, their day and feeling. until like a flower opening, their smells rise first as colours then and with a certain sense of skin and the final bloom, the proximity, the smell. and not the fall into the sleep and the sleeper’s one gives the other the nod of recognition. maybe a music is also heard in the distance who knows… and just as the dance is about to begin, he recognizes a glitter to attention on a checkpoint horizon of the self, his body in his room. concentrating there is this dark concentration on him of a non-hearer as he hears glass breaking in the proximity, his neighbour’s. he says “missisipi” gently for amongst the colourful stance like a halo around him he can feel her. and the before agreed word referring to a necessary break, and affirming safety and returns his concentration to immediately around him, recognizing an urgency he recognizes other watchers around the suicidal self-ramblings next door, and that this non hearer definitely has an inner voice that is almost detached from itself beating himself. and simultaneously arguing with another non hearer neighbour almost screaming to her who is a young mother who is not in recognition, and it quickly becomes apparent that she is about to hear it as a detached voice in her head. as her distress levels go up the astral boy recognizes that an inner hearer is dawning with curious attention in the young mother, one can see a motherly heart who is a watcher slowly  seeing eye to eye with the heart felt attention of the outer watchers in the immediacy. and as the distress level of the suicidal neighbour reaches the point of a detached, uncontrolled and non-self-reflecting astral body externally recognizes as if with tentacles, the inner watcher, now in the outer bounds. he is about to curse her according to his assumed projection of her as another person from his deluded memory, she simply says “calm down” within the tone of this projection.  a first hearing non-hearer has to travel from the recognition of a voice as a different voice in his head, to admitting to a different consciousness but with already a detached voice punishing himself the suicidal neighbour’s avoided fear turns into terror, his nervous eyes skim around the room. the  non-self-reflecting astral bodies tentacle like external recognition hits like a wave to all watchers now in suspect of being somebody else, and as he replays  the voice in his head, “calm down”, his mind digging into the other plain now with claws as tentacles, he tightens the hearer circle around him. the other neighbour, the young mother, takes a breath as her mind slowly relaxes and remembers her loving mother.


Alphan Vardarlı