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Publications as a Researcher and Artist;
E-book (Poetry in English), ISBN: 9780463710470, Smashwords, 2019
E-book (Research in English), ISBN: 9781370485956, Smashwords, 2018
E-book (Research in Turkish), ISBN: 9780463748275, Smashwords, 2018
Audio Book (Narrator, Producer), Poetry in English and Turkish, ISBN 9781987199161, FindawayVoices, 2018
Poetry Book in English and Turkish, ISBN 9786059542241, Kavim Publishing, 2017
Research Articles in Turkish, written for the Global Action Group Turkey, 2013 and 2014

Mixed Exhibition, Ekim Geçidi Çanakkale (18.), Çanakkale, Turkey, 2019 Personal Painting Exhibition (Continuous), Yalı Hanı Han Kahvesi, Çanakkale, Turkey, 2018-2019
Mixed Exhibition, Ekim Geçidi Çanakkale (17.), Çanakkale, Turkey, 2018
Mixed Exhibition, Ekim Geçidi Çanakkale (16.), Çanakkale, Turkey, 2017
Mixed Installation Exhibition, Derler ki Sergisi, Various Cities, Turkey, 2017-2018
Personal Painting Exhibition, Turkish Culture Ministry Gallery, Çanakkale, Turkey, 06.2016
Mixed Painting Exhibition, Siemens Art Gallery in İstanbul, Turkey, 12.2005

Education B.A. Politics& International Relations, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK 1995 – 1999
Attended Master’s program, Philosophy& Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam, NL 2000 – 2002

An Artist & Researcher

As a graduate of Politics and International Relations from the University of Kent at Canterbury, in the U.K. I went on to study art and art history in Florence, Italy and then attended the Philosophy and Cultural Analysis M.A. program in the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

I am inspired by romantic and surrealist poetry, music, cinema and literature. I have a strong belief in progress and the historical dialectic development of arts and the human kind. My poetry is political to this extent. It is tragic in terms of coming to terms with madness and death in the face of progress. This requires the recognition of the feeble yet undying hope coming from beauty and arts. The dialectics of history and self discovery I believe are intertwined, like what we create and what creates us are intertwined.

And now…
For something completely different!

I sometimes imagine a planet with infinite suns that are so many and so close to this imaginary planet, that the beings there have only conception of light as their universe. What surrounds us, defines us. There are more ways than things in the universe for us. So for a harmonic and unified field in the face of chaos, entropy and zero we have to begin with ourselves, and find that field of wisdom through of biological self and all its symbiotic connections.

Therefore I am proposing a Babel Fish, a construct-able salvation, that is infinitely perfectible for each realm, micro to macro… Molecular Historicism is not an apriori truth and we go and find it. It is a construct-able truth if we choose to observe it in this direction;

Molecular Historicism refers to DNA as the primary element because DNA refers to molecule as future action, as life. I think that every living thing has an individual reality of time and life could be considered the potential of every atom. As such we could talk about a unified field & time of life in the universe pulsing to a universal symbiosis. I wonder what you think about an idea that is trying to construct a representative simulation of the world and beyond based on this concept of universal symbiosis.

I am proposing to look for DNA of planets, moons and stars, and to place this proposed DNA as an algorithm running under all the measurable data every celestial object emits. Starting with Earth as thrive point, taking each celestial object as a complete symbiosis for the snapshot we are taking,  and reducing the scope for life or for support of life in other celestial objects, through the margins of life we find on Earth, and understanding what we find as carbon based DNA, what ever kind of material based life form we find.

Welcome to Episteme Spacecraft!

An analytical standard of big data mining to measure and create a biological matrix based on symbiosis of species, with the thriving Earth as the ultimate circle of symbiosis.

I am interested in being able to measure the qualities of any give data of, or product solution for, gravity, radiation, infinite energy and AI for biological effects on life forms, long term sustainability, locality & universality.  I believe this is a new way to comprehend gravity/radiation, infinite energy and AI, and that there could be the possibility of finding productive tools for very detailed control providing absolute biological sustainability.

How are you going the get the machine to do what you want when you can not (should not?) give it complete control? This is about giving the tool its own dimension, whereby it should be absolutely apt for what it is to do. This is not about giving it control over humans but about giving or making tools and machines that are absolutely sustainable

Is anything absolutely sustainable though?

It depends on what you take to be sustainable and working towards that; what I take to be the basis of all interaction and limitation is life itself!

“It is ironic. There has to be a surrender to all offerings for such a state to occur. And in this unison both the creator and creation grow.”


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