always too late to wake up, for too late they figure

The winds uncharted soul

illuminates the suns

of our winter.

how long this longing shall stretch?

castles they are building now

and within walls of icicles,

fate they will want to decide.

All is with love,

All is with love…

metal cables and odourless silicone

All is with love,

All is with love…

But symbolic beings

believe in systematized beginnings

For always too late to wake up, for too late they


So passes the crescent of aeons

From elders in dead cities

to uncanny molecules.


Grimes; A spy in the house of love


Who is that girl? And all the rest…

as is love

Private jets and castles built in her name and her palm and her forehead reads like any biosphere’s reality. An unsocial her, is calling for a symbiotic “we”. Friends she finds in the horizon, in foreign tongues and familiar utterances stars come alive by her fire.

Surpassing the man’s world by a million miles is not easy or safe in any culture. Yet they dance and sweat to her revolution! So welcome to sustainable capitalism; a chance of a chance that we know for sure will not strangle us in the dead of night. Here we have a free girl, a women, also there is another one who is hanging out by this fire.

A stateless state, when you want money, when you want fame, and you let me go!