derler ki

#derlerki Masalcılar Buluşması, Mardin Müzesi sergisi için 2 iş.

Derler ki, can ile başlayan benzerlik, simbiyoz halkaları ile bağlanırmış her bir sistemdeki kamp ateşine, ve güneşin soğurduğu ışık altında bizler ne isek, başka bir yıldızın ateşine ısınan başkaları da kamp ateşinden kamp ateşine bir şarkı bir masal kadar uzakmış…
(Pleksi üzerine Güneş spektrumu ve DNA fotoğrafları baskı, 4numara elek üzerine yerleşim ve içe şerit led döşeme)

Derler ki, azınlıktan anneannelerinin ellerini öpmeyen diller, etmedikleri hürmet için kravat takıp imzaladıkları ile kirlenirmiş, bir güzelleme, bir şifayı bildiğinden seç denilince, bir amerikan naylon gecelik üstüne ilmik ilmik, sabrın batıya el pençe divan duran kelimeleri işlenirmiş, olduğu gibi “aziz aşk”, “as is love”…
(Kasnak, kumaş, iplik, iğne)



A waiting into a song

They have been asking for a while
Waiting on shores and by marble pools
A waiting into a song, time and idols
And moments and wet dreams are not to replace those Corinthian pillars
To be holding the sky up and a garden down
We need much education in a now finite world


(Photo credit unknown from the internet, Milet (Miletos), Turkey)

always too late to wake up, for too late they figure

The winds uncharted soul

illuminates the suns

of our winter.

how long this longing shall stretch?

castles they are building now

and within walls of icicles,

fate they will want to decide.

All is with love,

All is with love…

metal cables and odourless silicone

All is with love,

All is with love…

But symbolic beings

believe in systematized beginnings

For always too late to wake up, for too late they


So passes the crescent of aeons

From elders in dead cities

to uncanny molecules.


To Olympia

A constant headlong,
The gentle wind to accompany me,
The wild, to the top of the mountain

In between the cloud and the stream
In attitude and by power
A siren told me

A young one to bear

The spark in the forest
Now a sun ray now a lightning
Clear this peak in flashes

A feeling forlorn, in the shade of the fig

Charioted by Bacchus and his pards,
I am to scream a desire to view,
Have dreamt up a thought of you

This a running in waters tongue
Green eyes and there, a vision
An immense talk, a surprise

For real


this L’viv


do you know why
this L’viv
is more beautiful with you
for maybe I see a smile everytime you smile
behind another smile
or maybe a small dimple behind a dimple
you wear her, your city, like a light talisman
directions from maps to polite questions to strangers, you unwind her and look people directly in the eye
this is where their story begins
as you slowly recede back into her arms
finding a house you have lived in a dream


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