The Anthropological Divide

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All futile resistance is fertile!

 At the limits of interpretation there is trying

and the memories of all those who have…

Çöpten adamlar her şeyi düzenleyen,

Seçim yüceliklerinin kıyaslandığı ovalar

Again and Again / Tekrar Tekrar from ALPHAN VARDARLI on Vimeo.


Manscape – Mindscape – Landscape
The scope action truth possibility
Manscape The individual vs the body Body is the matter of science. Mass scale increase in old age. Ownership of wealth
Mindscape          The historically given political entity    Mass scale war and death by scientific advances             immortality
Landscape Political Scientific Religious

Imperialist capitalist mutual recognition works on the following levels;

Primarily of property, Then the ownership of property, Then the person of the owner.

In Mature Capitalism these are; the Individual, the Civil Society, the State

TO FIGHT AS ONE FINDS THE LAW The Wild The poverty Imperialist capitalist mutual recognition The Richness Mature Capitalism TO FIGHT AS ONE KNOWS THE LAW
Tribe Stranger


Property In Language The Individual
Gang Sub-Human


Ownership Of Property In Culture The Civil Society 
Mafia Enemy The Person Of The Owner In Ecology The State



she had to catch up with the control of her nature,

her place in society,

her control of the content and extent of technology she can surround herself with and the control of the penetration and availability of technology within society and nature.

And to catch up with a man who claims the classical the modern and the post-modern are evolutionary in nature.

The hero, she, sees not only that these eras are all simultaneously existent as time manifested as states and nations, setting the clock back on women taking the control of their lives
but the states are also strategically impoverished on a geographical level to make this so.

In classical society, theocracies and tribal justice systems and all closed courts of punishment we have a man vs man situation where by they are both against the woman.

With the newly rich of the nation state and also the middle class of the post nation state,

the woman is presented with both the men against her and they are also drunk and righteous.

And we don’t find any hero of a man in post nation states as in so good that he is not shot.

And as of faith, the wrath of god, the drunken atheist husband somehow finds her as well as intrusions to the control of her nature through technology, man & society.”

Comic by INCIDENTAL COMICS; Grant Snider


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