A robot

A robot
Every image that the robot sees is instantly searched for on the internet as image, and every search at intervals is saved. The common scenes are indexed. Also TV channels could be scanned for video match and indexed.
and the hat trick…
The names of the files, the subtitles and the speech are indexed as language
you could teach the system to only learn from you
this “this is chair”

Please check “An Android in a City”

Decoding speech from the human brain – PLOS Biology

“How the human auditory system extracts perceptually relevant acoustic features of speech is unknown. To address this question, we used intracranial recordings from nonprimary auditory cortex in the human superior temporal gyrus to determine what acoustic information in speech sounds can be reconstructed from population neural activity.”

Beyin dalgalarından konuşma yeniden üretilebildi

Bilim insanları ilk kez, dinlenilen bir konuşmayı insan işitsel korteksinden alınan kayıtlarla yeniden oluşturmayı başardı.

TESLA; How to Build a UFO-like Anti Gravity Spaceship


“Tesla performed an experiment in which he applied high-voltage high-frequency alternating current to a pair of parallel metal plates. He found that the ‘space’ between the plates became what he described as “solid-state” exhibiting the attributes of mass, inertia and momentum. That is, the area transformed into a state against which a mechanical push could be exerted. This implied that, using this technique, it should be possible to produce a spaceship drive anywhere in space, if the mechanism for thrusting against the ‘solid-state’ space could be determined. Further experiments convinced Tesla that powerful electromagnetic waves could be used to push against (and pull against) what appears to be ’empty space’. The drive principle is based on the Hall-effect used in semiconductor magnetic sensors, and is called the magnetohydrodynamic (“MHD”) effect.”…

“The barb of variety” Josef H. Reichholf’s book on the origin of beauty


“The more complex organisms become, the more they liberate themselves from external living conditions and allow the attraction of beauty to play out its anarchic game… a nature that is not only utilitarian but also wasteful, which does not simply fulfill expectations, but exaggerates and in which the theatrical is just as valid as the mechanics of natural selection. In essence, this is a book about freedom.”