ESA’s Magnetic Field Mission Swarm



Magnetic fields play an important role in many of the physical processes throughout the Universe. The Earth in particular has a large and complicated magnetic field, the major part of which is produced by a self-sustaining dynamo, operating in the fluid outer-core.

Hunting Dangerous Algea from Space


Carder’s research team is using data from NASA’s space-based SeaWiFS (Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor) and MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) instruments to detect harmful algal blooms. The satellite images provide data on ocean color (based on light intensities) and chlorophyll content.
Like terrestrial plants, phytoplankton use chlorophyll for photosynthesis. Reflected light intensity and chlorophyll content can help scientists detect algal blooms.

First Artificial Neural Network Created Out of DNA

An artificial neural network out of DNA, creating a circuit of interacting molecules that can recall memories based on incomplete patterns, just as a brain can.

The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group:


Our group is interested in biomolecular computation: how systems of biomolecules, such as DNA and enzymes, can process information and carry out algorithms.  While our theoretical studies are wide-ranging, our experimental efforts focus on coaxing DNA to perform algorithmic tricks.

Quantum Levitation

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Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field ( For an explanation of the physics behind this demonstration, visit….

With the theme “Knowledge that Works: From Theory to Practice,” the 2011 ASTC Annual Conference featured more than 100 sessions, which highlighted how science centers and museums are putting new ideas to practical use to serve their communities. The conference was hosted by the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, October 15-18.