Poetry / Şiir

stories far from
becomes the distances in us…
to pursue

It is as if I am building bridges between tropes and experiences, a recounting to figure out how I got there as well as finding where I don’t want to go. In this deconstructive and truthful (to its methods) going on, self thought directions emerge. It is somewhat like idioms to myself; a claim to individuality without referring to any apriori truth but to prior experiences, and their metaphorical abstractions.
Independence from mystification by laying bare all the foundations brings forth a mystique of its own and inevitably connections. From invented words to quoted song lyrics I am inspired by music, films and folklore. Artists as well as devotees and true believers interest me within this framework of leading an example life.

Recent Poems

Poetry / Şiir (2012 – 2016)

Poetry / Şiir ( 2010 – 2012)

Poetry / Şiir (Pre 2010’dan önce)